Looking forQuasar v2 betawith Vue 3 docs?

Quasar Roadmap

Where will Quasar be in one year, five years or ten years? It’s up to you, the developers using Quasar.

You, the community, are Quasar. We listen to your opinions and your needs. Which is why we encourage you to directly contact us on Discord or submit Feature Requests. We carefully ponder on all the ideas and we decide along with the community what are the next steps to be taken.

Apart from the constant new components/directives/Quasar plugins that we have on our todo list, the next really big things on our plate currently are:

Quasar v2 with Vue 3

There are still some things being worked on for Quasar v2, but mainly we’re now writing the migration guide. Our target for release of the public beta is within January 2021. The new version is based on Composition API. But it’s not just a port to Vue 3. There are lots of significant performance enhancements in Quasar’s algorithms too!You’ll love it!

Unfortunately, the first beta release won’t include SSR support, due to missing some upstream features in Vue 3, which we’ll contribute to via PRs. We’ll release SSR support during the beta stage lifecycle though.

We’re also trying to integrate Webpack 5 support into the @quasar/app v3 release, but if we are unable to get this done (ie: external dependencies and such) then we’ll shoot for @quasar/app v4 release.

Stable release will be anywhere within Q1 2021, but as is the case with OSS, it will be ready, when it’s ready. And of course, it will be ready when we know the quality is high enough to meet both your expectations and ours.

In the meantime, the wonderful framework you’ve come to love is still here and you don’t have to wait for Quasar v2 to start a new project with Vue 3’s major new feature (i.e. using the composition API). Of course, if you choose to hold off on Vue 3 features, we’ll make the upgrade as easy as possible for you. That’s a promise. :)


If you want to speed up the development of Quasar please consider donating to the project. With proper funding, it allows more of the team to work on the project in a much more dedicated manner.

Donations - https://donate.quasar.dev

If you’re in a company and using Quasar for commercial projects, explain to your management the importance of monthly donations (eg. $200+) for open source projects: you’re the one using it every day and this makes you the best suited person to convince them. Be creative! :)

Quasar is saving your company tens of thousands of development hours (quite literally), which in turn is a pretty high money savings. Consider giving back a part of those savings to refuel the project itself ;)