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The Role of the Project Maintainer

Your Profile

  • You have a vision on something great that you want to build and own
  • You have enough time to put into it to succeed (although, yes, “You may have a job and the job is your priority, not this Quasar Project” — this is perfectly fine)
  • You are not already involved in other projects that take a lot of your time and focus
  • You love open source
  • You want to help others
  • You can accept constructive criticism

Your Responsibilities

  • You are loosely aware of the entire Quasar ecosystem / inner-workings and in a detail of your Quasar feature / component / app extension / area.
  • You are recognized in the community (forum / chat) as the authority and lead over your Quasar feature / component / app extension / area and you actively supports it
  • You document, communicate and keep updated the vision of the Quasar feature / component / app extension / area that you are responsible for
  • You deliver the vision by implementing, fixing bugs, reviewing and merging PRs directly and via contributors
  • You focus on high usability for the end users - demos, documentation, community requests via forum and Discord
  • You provide inputs for Marketing and Media departments for articles on your Quasar Project
    • you don’t have to be the one writing the articles, although preferred, but at least find someone willing
  • You provide a code review for other Quasar maintainers and request a code review of your contributions
  • You keep track of the ongoing work and reported issues to make sure that it gets reviewed and merged in a timely manner.
    • You acknowledge every important contributor and give credit for their work (also in written form on the repo README, on every presentation material, on documentation).
  • You have also the final responsibility
    • If no reviewer can be found for an important contribution, you review.
    • If no developer can be found to fix an important bug, you develop.
    • If something goes wrong, it’s eventually your fault.
  • You keep the Quasar team updated at least on bi-weekly basis
    • You have regular calls with Razvan
    • You post a short project status into Discord #projects-status channel
  • You are brave to step down when you do not have time - it is perfectly fine to announce it.

More info - Best Practices for Maintainers