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A Spinner is used to show the user a timely process is currently taking place. It is an important UX feature, which gives the user the feeling the system is continuing to work for longer term activities, like grabbing data from the server or some heavy calculations.



Choose your spinner from the list below (you’ll only need to specify the ones that you are using) if any installation is required.

 * No installation step is necessary.
 * It gets installed by default by @quasar/app v2+.



In the example below, hover over the spinners to see their names.

Other spinners

Please note that by default, QSpinner and all other spinners inherit the font-size of the parent and applies it as its size.

Standard sizes

QSpinner API

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Other Spinners API


The API below applies to all spinners, except for QSpinner. Making an example with QSpinnerCube.

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