Scroll Area

The QScrollArea component offers a neat way of customizing the scrollbars by encapsulating your content. Think of it as a DOM element which has overflow: auto, but with your own custom styled scrollbar instead of browser’s default one and a few nice features on top.

This is especially useful for desktop as scrollbars are hidden on a mobile device. When on a mobile device, QScrollArea simply wraps the content in a <div> configured for default browser scrolling.


// quasar.conf.js

return {
  framework: {
    // not needed if using auto-import feature:
    components: [


The following examples are best seen on desktop as they make too little sense on a mobile device.


You can also take a look at Layout Drawer too see some more examples of it in action.



When content changes, the scrollbar appears then disappears again. You can set a certain delay (amount of time in milliseconds) before scrollbar disappears again (if component is not hovered):


Scroll Position

Horizontal mode

QScrollArea API