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Infinite Scroll

The QInfiniteScroll component allows you to load new content as the user scrolls the page.

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Infinite Scroll loads items in advance when less than offset (default = 500) pixels is left to be seen. If the content you fetch has height less than the scroll target container’s height on screen then Infinite Scroll will continue loading more content. So make sure you load enough content.


In your @load function, don’t forget to call the passed in done() function when you have finished loading more data.

Scroll to the bottom to see QInfiniteScroll in action.


Custom Scroll Target Container

Reverse (Messenger style)


Scrolling container

Please read here about how Quasar determines the container to attach scrolling events to.

  • Works best when placed as direct child of the Vue component rendering your Page
  • If you change the parent of this component, don’t forget to call updateScrollTarget() on the QInfiniteScroll Vue reference.
  • If you need to specify the scroll target inner element (because the auto detected one is not the desired one) pass a CSS selector (as string) or the DOM element in the scroll-target prop


If you pass a custom scroll target container with scroll-target prop you must make sure that the element exists and that it can be overflowed (it must have a maximum height and an overflow that allows scrolling).

If the scroll target container cannot be overflowed you’ll get a forever loading situation.

Usage in QMenu