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Meet the Team

Hailing from all around the planet, the Quasar Team is not only international but full of people with a vast range of fields of expertise. From real rocket engineers to Fortune 500 developers, the unifying factor among us is our dedication to quality and the love for our community of contributors and developers.

With hundreds of contributors to Quasar, the list of people you can meet below is by no means exhaustive. Just remember to thank everyone using Quasar and supporting us, because together we all help you push your products light-years ahead of your competition. A great way to do that is to donate.

Core Team

Razvan Stoenescu
Creator, Lead Dev & Architect
Architecture and development of Quasar on all fronts

Dan Popescu
Senior Core Developer
Focuses on Quasar UI components, directives and plugins

Jeff Galbraith
Senior Developer
UI components, App Extensions and community outreach

Scott Molinari
Media Manager
Manages our Facebook page, blog and forum. Helps with docs, bug reports, external systems, writes and manages articles and offers community support.

Paolo Caleffi
Senior Developer
Typescript support

Yusuf Kandemir
Senior Developer
Wizard developer on multiple areas of Quasar

Aldrin Marquez
Community Staff
Help desk

Luke Diebold
Senior developer
Creates video tutorials, podcasts and shows for Quasar Framework.

Honorable mentions

Allan Gaunt
Senior Developer
Wrote the initial BEX mode and much more

Tobias Mesquita
Senior Developer
Help desk

Kerry Huguet
Senior Developer
Typescript support

Noah Klayman
Developer / Community Staff
Wrote the initial Capacitor mode

Heitor Ribeiro
Community Staff
Writes articles and offers community support.

Jesús Villanueva
Senior Developer
Help desk

Dmitrij Polianin
Trainer / Community Staff
Russian Community maintainer and Quasar Trainer.