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CSS Preprocessors

Sass or SCSS (recommending any of the two flavours) are the out of the box supported css preprocessors through Quasar CLI, should you want to use them.


You can configure how your CSS is handled through /postcss.config.cjs and through extending the Vite config:

/quasar.config file

build: {
  extendViteConf (viteConf, { isClient, isServer }) {
    viteConf.css.modules = ...
    viteConf.css.postcss = ...

More info: css.modules, css.postcss, css.preprocessorOptions.


Your Vue files can contain Sass/SCSS code through the <style> tag.

<!-- Notice lang="sass" -->
<style lang="sass">
  color: #444
  background-color: #dadada
<!-- Notice lang="scss" -->
<style lang="scss">
div {
  color: #444;
  background-color: #dadada;

And, of course, standard CSS is also supported:

div {
  color: #444;
  background-color: #dadada;


Quasar also supplies variables ($primary, $grey-3, …and many more) and you can directly use them. Read more about Sass/SCSS variables.