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Body classes

Quasar attaches some very useful helper CSS classes to document.body which you can take advantage of:

body--darkWhen in dark mode
body--lightWhen not in dark mode
desktopWhen client is on a desktop
mobileWhen client is on a mobile device
touchWhen client has touch support
no-touchWhen client does NOT have touch support
platform-androidWhen client is on an Android device
platform-iosWhen client is on an iOS device
native-mobileWhen client is on a Quasar CLI Cordova or Capacitor app
electronWhen client is on a Quasar CLI Electron app
bexWhen app runs from a browser extension
within-iframeWhen app runs from an iframe
screen--*If enabled (only), tells current window breakpoint (screen--xs, screen--sm, …, screen--xl)