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The QMarkupTable is a way for you to simply wrap a native <table> in order to make it look like a Material Design table.


For advanced functionality like pagination, sorting, filtering, and many more, you may want to check out QTable component instead.

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Notice that the content of QMarkupTable reflects an accurate markup representation of a native HTML <table>, having a <thead> and <tbody> to wrap header and table body. This is required.

UMD developers

This component will NOT work as-is within the UMD version of Quasar. Browsers parse the template HTML before Vue kicks in and renders it, so the markup needs to be correct. <q-markup-table> <thead> or <q-markup-table> <tbody> is not. The solution is to wrap the content in a <template> like the following:

    <!-- your content -->


Force dark mode



If you want to remove the hover effect on some rows or some cells add a q-tr--no-hover or q-td--no-hover class to them.